The R.A.C.E. Method flips the script on the Right’s cynical strategy

Photo by Liam Shaw on Unsplash

Here’s how to turn it into productive anti-racist dialogue

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

A recap of the seven-part series about why Kwanzaa can help white allies reflect on their work

The final day of Kwanzaa encourages you to reconnect with you deep motivations and beliefs.

Creatively Working on the World Means Working on Yourself

To better serve others, sometimes it’s good to take a hard unblinking look at yourself.

The anti-racism movement can benefit from allies being both more generous and more financially strategic.

Expanding Others’ Concept of Allyship Can Be Done in a Way that Helps You Too

Committing to smartly directing financial resources is an important but under-discussed aspect of allyship.

Reflecting on some key questions puts you at no risk of cultural appropriation, and may boost your allyship in the new year.

Dr. David Campt

dialogue maven, civic engagement enthusiast, race relations expert, caregiver to elderly parents

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